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Kristina Soriano
Women’s Visionary Council, The Psychedelic Literacy Fund, and the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics
Leadership and Management Professional, Musician
Kristina is a management and leadership professional with over ten years of experience in the healthcare and academic fields. Born in Galveston, Texas to Filipino and Chinese immigrant parents, she moved to San Francisco in 2005 to complete her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. Kristina serves on the Board of the Women’s Visionary Council, a nonprofit educational organization founded in 2008 by female researchers and activists to amplify the voices of women and elders in public discussions about psychedelics. Passionate about the potential of psychedelics to catalyze change for global mental health and wellness, in 2020, she co-founded the Psychedelic Literacy Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund that co-finances the translation of books about psychedelic therapies into different languages. She currently works at the University of California’s Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics. A classically-trained pianist and music teacher, she loves to sing medicine songs while accompanying herself on the ukulele.