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Amplifying the Wisdom of Psychedelic Elders


Amplifying the Wisdom of Psychedelic Elders

Founded as an organization open to all genders, the Women's Visionary Council (WVC) is placing a special focus on elders and the transfer of knowledge between generations. While psychedelic communities in the Western world are composed largely of younger people, elders bring balance, clarity and insights drawn from years of experience. They consider the long-term impact of decisions about psychedelic compounds on vulnerable groups and support pragmatic approaches to the resolution of conflict. As the rapid growth of psychedelic companies and organizations enter a new phase, informed advice and reflection from elders is increasingly needed to light the path forward. The WVC will host a panel discussion with five elders, including three from its board of directors. The conversation will also highlight the work of other elders in psychedelic communities who have made significant contributions as spiritual leaders, trusted healers, mature artists, and seasoned activists.

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