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Pinni Baumol
Psychedelic Social Worker & Entrepreneur
Pinni Baumol is a dedicated Psychedelic Social Worker who is passionate about promoting community Harm Reduction and Integration, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Drug Policy Change, and Harm Reduction Education in Israel and globally. He believes that cannabis and psychedelics can be important tools in dealing with life's challenges and promoting healing. Pinni was born in the West Bank to an American Jewish family with nine children. He attended religious yeshiva schools until the age of 18 and then served in a combat unit in the Israeli military for three years. Due to police violence and military service, he was diagnosed with PTSD, which led him to explore the healing potential of psychedelics. With a strong background in macro level social work and policy change, as well as various psychedelic scenes, from raves to ceremonies to therapy, Pinni is an advocate and researcher in the government harm reduction research team. He is also actively involved in multiple psychedelic community organizations such as Oxygen Harm Reduction Education, ACPT- Access Center for Psychedelic Therapy, and Israel's first therapy-oriented ketamine clinic - Keter Health Solutions. Pinni is dedicated to promoting harm reduction, drug policy reform, and the integration of psychedelic experiences in a safe and therapeutic way.

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