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Monica Cadena
Psychedelics & Sensuality
Journalist, Digital Strategist, and Creator of Psychedelics & Sensuality
Monica Cadena is an Afro-Chicana California-based journalist, community organizer, and Creatrix of the Psychedelics & Sensuality Conference. A digital strategist by day, Monica works with many organizations within the psychedelic and plant medicine space, such as Oakland Hyphae, DoubleBlind Magazine, The Ancestor Project, as well as a contributor to various decriminalization efforts across the nation. Outside of her work in the psychedelic space, Monica is a Storytelling Manager at Equitable Food Oriented Development, a national coalition of BIPOC community-anchored food systems practitioners and leaders driving food-oriented development as vehicles for shared power, cultural expression, and community asset-building. Connect with Monica on Instagram at @sacred.alchemist