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Leticia Brown
Doorway Therapeutics
Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Leticia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Sex Therapist. She works with QTPOC individuals, couples & polycules and specializes in trauma work and a range of sexuality-related issues. Leticia is getting a PhD in Human Sexuality. If there is any aspect of sexuality or sexual trauma that you want to address with someone who can hold your experience as a Black person as well, click below to schedule a consult with Leticia today! Leticia supervises pre-licensed associates! Leticia is one of our esteemed sex therapy supervisors, whose extensive expertise in human sexuality is complemented by her ongoing pursuit of a PhD in the field. Renowned for her captivating lectures, she imparts profound insights into the intricacies of human sexuality. As a supervisor, Leticia advocates for a sex-positive and liberatory approach, encouraging supervisees to reexamine their cases through this empowering lens. Notably, she deftly navigates the intersections between sexuality and psychedelics, fostering a comprehensive understanding of these complex dimensions. With Leticia as your guide, you will undoubtedly flourish as a sex therapist, gaining invaluable perspectives and embarking on a transformative professional journey.

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