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Kayla Knopp
VA San Diego Healcare System
Clinical Psychologist and Researcher
Kayla C. Knopp, Ph.D., is a Research Psychologist at the VA San Diego Healthcare System and a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Diego, CA. Her research and clinical interests are in understanding the reciprocal associations between intimate relationship functioning and mental health, supporting diverse relationship types and structures, and using novel and creative methods to improve both access to and impacts of interventions for couples. She is currently supported by a VA Career Development Award (RR&D) studying an online couples' program for veterans and their partners, and together with her colleague Dr. Chandra Khalifian, she directs the INTREPID Lab (Innovative and Novel Treatments for Relationship and Individual Distress) at VA San Diego. Her current projects include technology-supported interventions for couples, psychedelic-assisted couple therapies, and strengthening non-monogamous relationships.