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Paula Graciela Kahn
CosmoVisiones Ancestrales
Community Health Worker, Health Justice and Violence Prevention Strategist, Psychedelic Rematriation, Founder
Paula Graciela Kahn (she/they) is a first-generation Mayan-Iberian-Ashkenazi Jewish community-based researcher, policy advocate, movement strategist, edu-tainer, facilitator, herbalist and healing arts practitioner. Paula's research investigates the roles of psychoactive substances in pluri-cultural contexts for processes of historical memory, accountability, reparations, reconciliation,transitional and transformative justice, demilitarization, disarmament and reintegration. Paula has coordinated binational mutual aid and provided health services during humanitarian crises, incidents of state violence, and served as Community Care and Policy Coordinator at Freedom for Immigrants. In 2019, Paula joined Reframe Health and Justice as a consultant, researcher and advocate. Paula is co-founder of the Psychedelic Rematriation and the Cosmovisiones Ancestrales collectives, which she co-founded to build movement capacity and strategic partnerships around historical memory, Indigenous rights, bioethics, racial & gender justice, consent, health equity, ecological sustainability and violence prevention in psychedelic research and entrepreneurial initiatives.  Paula's MPH capstone thesis, Psychometrics and Biological Markers of Interest for Psychedelic Research on Conflict Transformation and Violence Prevention, contributes to the foundation for bio-neuropsychopharmacological and pluri-cultural therapeutic uses of psychedelics for processes of conflict transformation; transitional justice and prevention of ideologically, racially, bias, and/or hate-motivated violence. Paula currently serves as Policy Director for Californians for Pesticide Reform and partners with Know Drugs to deliver science-based drug education to youth.

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