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Keren Tzarfaty
MAPS Israel
Executive Director
Keren Tzarfaty, Ph.D.,M.F.T., is the co-founder of the Hakomi Institute of Israel a trainer for MAPS in Israel (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). She is a clinical investigator in the MDMA PTSD FDA approved clinical trial, examining the impact of MDMA assisted psychotherapy on severe PTSD patients. Keren is the clinical director of the Open Access project of MAPS and the Israeli MOH, which offers MDMA assisted therapy for 50 participants in five governmental hospitals in Israel. She is also one of the founder of the new MA program in Haifa University: Integrative psychotherapy,: Body, Mind, spirit. Keren holds a M.A. in Somatic Psychology and a Ph.D. in East- West Psychology, both from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She specializes in integrating mindfulness based psychodynamic psychotherapy with somatic psychotherapy, attachment psychotherapy, trauma psychology and transpersonal psychology. Her approach is grounded in traditional western psychologies as well as inspired by Eastern and Shamanic spiritual traditions.