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Joshua Kappel
Vicente LLP
Attorney Founding Partner, Vicente LLP Co-Drafter, Colorado’s Natural Medicine Health Act
Joshua Kappel is a founding partner of Vicente LLP, where he has helped shape cannabis and psychedelic policy over the past 10 years while representing leading companies in these emerging fields. Recently, Joshua co-authored Colorado's Natural Medicine Health Act and served as chair of Natural Medicine Colorado. Since the NMHA passed, Joshua has been working on implementation through his role as a Senior Advisor to the Healing Advocacy Fund. In addition to several other ballot measures, Joshua helped draft Colorado's Amendment 64, the first state measure to legalize cannabis. Joshua is also co-founder of the Microdosing Collective - the only nonprofit dedicated to legalizing microdosing. In addition to policy work, Joshua helps companies—from nonprofits and start-ups to multinational corporations—navigate the ever-changing psychedelic field with a focus on risk mitigation, the intersection of state and federal law, licensing and regulatory compliance, regenerative business practices, and general corporate law.