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cropped_Frederick Barrett, Ph.D.
Frederick Barrett
Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic Research
Director, Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research
Dr. Barrett is a cognitive neuroscientist with training in behavioral pharmacology who has been conducting psychedelic research at Johns Hopkins University since 2013. His research focuses on the psychological and neurological mechanisms underlying the acute subjective and enduring therapeutic effects of psychedelics. He received the first federally funded human psychedelic research grant since the 1970s. He has authored or co-authored the first studies in humans characterizing neural effects of psilocybin (up to a month after psilocybin administration), psilocybin effects on a brain structure called the claustrum (which has been proposed to variously mediate consciousness and cognition), LSD effects on the brain's response to music, and the neural effects of salvinorin A. He is currently leading a clinical trial to investigate psilocybin therapy for major depressive disorder and co-occurring alcohol use disorder, and is leading ongoing studies to better understand the psychological, biological, and neural mechanisms underlying therapeutic efficacy of psychedelic drugs.