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Angela Carter ND
Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board
Dr. Angela Carter (they/them) is a white, gender/neuro/queer, disabled, dirt-worshiping, naturopathic physician, educator, and health activist living in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Carter’s work has focused on the intersections of trauma, marginalization and resilience with an emphasis on social and racial health Justice. They managed the initial year of implementation of the Measure 110 Substance Use Decriminalization and Recovery Program at the Oregon Health Authority. They are currently a vice-chair of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board and co-chair of its equity and training subcommittees. They are co-founder of The Equi Institute, a queer and trans health access organization, and a founding member and chair emeritus of the OHSU Transgender Health Program’s community advisory board. Dr. Carter has held vigil with thousands of people in sacred transitional spaces as a midwife, a physician offering gender transitional care, and as a peer with people on psychedelic journeys. They have volunteered as a medic and harm reductionist at Black Rock City, festivals, and events for over 10 years. They are Zendo trained and certified in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy through MAPS. They enjoy the company of cats, crocheting, and getting lost in the woods looking for mushrooms.

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