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Wellness and Psychedelics: Exploring the Data from 3000+ Individuals


Wellness and Psychedelics: Exploring the Data from 3000+ Individuals

Wellness and Psychedelics: Exploring this 'Made in Heaven' Relationship A handful of small academic studies conducted in the last decade report that psychedelics, when administered in a clinical setting with psychotherapeutic support, produce remarkably rapid, robust, and sustained improvements in a variety of psychiatric and addictive conditions. In the care for those suffering from mental health challenges, clinicians are most interested in symptomatic improvement but let’s not forget about the importance of wellness – something we consider a basic human right. “Psychedelics for the betterment of well people” a sentiment from a psychedelic luminary, Bob Jesse, highlights our interest in exploring the relationship between psychedelics and wellness. To better understand this relationship, a large cross-sectional online survey called Psychedelics and Wellness Survey (PAWS) has been completed by 3,000+ adults reporting at least one psychedelic experience. Participants retrospectively completed a battery of instruments assessing depression, anxiety, and emotional well-being prior to and following psychedelic experience. Psychedelic use was associated with significant improvements in depressive and anxious symptoms and with increased emotional well-being. This panel discussion will offer a deep dive into the relationship between wellness and psychedelics.

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