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The future of psychedelic manufacturing


The future of psychedelic manufacturing

This presentation features industry insights from Psygen, a dedicated psychedelic manufacturer based in Calgary, Canada, and Filament Health, a clinical-stage natural psychedelic drug development company based in Vancouver, Canada. Psygen founder Danny Motyka shares his personal journey with psychedelics, emphasizing their potential as transformative tools for improving mental health. The presentation highlights the existing limitations in psychedelic manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure. Danny discusses Psygen's proactive approach to address these challenges, including its commitment to establish a GMP supply chain for psychedelic drugs. Filament Health is founded on the belief that standardized, naturally-derived psychedelic medicines can improve the lives of millions of people suffering from treatable conditions. Filament's CEO and Co-Founder, Benjamin Lightburn will discuss his organization's unique platform which enables the discovery, development, and delivery of GMP natural psychedelic medicines. In addition to internal drug development, Filament out-licenses its drug candidates to a large network of commercial and research partners worldwide. Ben will touch on different manufacturing methods, the importance of standardized products, and how manufacturing might evolve as different markets take shape.

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