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A History & Outlook on Psychedelic Research


A History & Outlook on Psychedelic Research

The psychedelic renaissance has reignited the quest for understanding and solving mental health problems. After a hiatus of 30 years, psychedelic research is racing towards results that early researchers could only dream about. With psychedelic-assisted therapies on the brink of approval, this talk will take you through the history, current landscape, and prospects of psychedelic science. Look inside the lab of the Shulgins, join Roland Griffiths at the turn of the century, and journey with Robin Carhart-Harris inside the new psychedelic research centers. In a lively presentation of the history of psychedelic science, you will better understand how the current research came about. Then, change gears and speed up to 88 miles per hour as we peer into the future of psychedelic science. What next will clinical trials find, what research takes place outside the lab, and what will the psychedelic future look like?

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