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Reciprocity, Affordability, & Access

Healing for All, one of MAPS’ Seven Principles, directs us to make psychedelic education accessible to all who seek it.

Below are the suggested scales for PS2023: The Virtual Trip.

Producing PS2023: The Virtual Trip is costly, and your contribution supports MAPS in its efforts to ensure that all who want access to this learning will be able to have it. Pay the amount that corresponds to your level of need or privilege.

We hope that you will accept our invitation, at whatever level is appropriate for you, to build community and equity in this space.


As a nonprofit, MAPS granted as many scholarships to PS2023 as was financially feasible. Utlimately, this included 1,100 full and over 2,500 partial scholarships awarded according to financial need, as well as a few dozen scholarships that also covered travel expenses for those with the highest need. 

We seek to continue this approach with PS2023: The Virtual Trip. As you register, you may self-select a scholarship. We will not ask for proof of need, and no one will be denied. Those who choose to pay more are supporting scholarships for those who need them.


Select Your Contribution

Registering for The Virtual Trip will provide access to the Community digital conference, covering most conference tracks, with sessions being added regularly throughout the fall. Access to the Business and Practitioner tracks will be made available through an add-on registration in the weeks ahead. 

Request a Scholarship

Scholarships are designed for those who genuinely require financial assistance to access PS2023: The Virtual Trip. This may include members of equity-denied communities, those working in essential care professions, students, teachers, or anyone in financial distress.

Suggested - Financially Stable

The suggested price for PS2023: The Virtual Trip is designed to be affordable to most. This is for those with a basic level of financial security. Please consider this tier if you have steady employment, own a car, feel comfortable eating at restaurants, etc.

Financially Advantaged

This is designed for individuals who have extra income or assets and feel called to contribute to the scholarships of others. Please consider this tier if, for example, you are comfortable with leisure travel, attend festivals, have substantial income or assets, etc.

Abundance and Access

This rate is for those with successful businesses or investments or who identify as wealthy. Contributions at this level do much to help us provide access and inclusivity in this community.

Choose Your Own

If you would like to contribute at a rate not suggested above, enter that amount here.

Total Amount: $39