Join us before the Psychedelic Science 2023 kickoff for this pre-compression Sunday morning dance party and ritual.
No booze. No shoes. No phones. No judgment. Just dance.

Dance visionary Gabrielle Roth said, “if you want to heal the psyche, put the body in motion.” Free-form dance is one of the most effective ways to integrate and ground our ordinary and non-ordinary experiences. Movement is our medicine, and self-directed self-expression is inherently sacred and transformational.

At Denver Ecstatic Dance we value safety, consent, inclusivity, diversity and radical acceptance. Every human being is a dancer, so there are no pre-requisites, nor is prior training or dance experience required. Come and go as you please, and MOVE HOW YOU WANT.

See you on the dance floor!

10am to 11am – Somatic Warm Up and Contact Improv with Matthew Cavanna
11am to 1pm – Ecstatic Dance Set with Cielo (super high vibe house)