Discover your pathway in the burgeoning field of psychedelic studies with our event, “So, You Want To Be A Psychedelic Professional?” A decade has passed since MAPS first published “So, you want to be a psychedelic researcher?”, and the landscape of psychedelic scholarship has dramatically transformed since. Whether your interests lie in research, medicine, law, or business within psychedelics, our event aims to illuminate the diverse career options available, and the strategic steps to access them. This session is specially designed for students seeking guidance, support, and resources in their professional journey through the psychedelic ecosystem. Learn about the types of graduate school programs (PhD, MD, etc.), how to become a strong candidate, and strategies to excel in graduate school. We’ll also spotlight strategies to expand your network and available professional development opportunities. A panel of current and recent graduate students from various disciplines will be on-hand for a robust Q&A session. So, if you’re considering a professional role within the psychedelic space but unsure of your next steps, join us to help map out your course. Hosted by the Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network, a student-led non-profit empowering the next generation of professionals and leaders, this is your opportunity to unlock the doors to a rewarding future in the psychedelic ecosystem.