Please join the PPA, a collaborative project between Clusterbusters, REMAP Therapeutics, and Psychedelics Today, for a discussion and networking among the researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, companies and other stakeholders in the PPA. The PPA mission is to advance research, understanding, awareness and access to psychedelic medicines for the treatment of pain, including headache disorders, chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, mitochondrial dysregulation, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries.

At the MAPS PS23 conference, PPA will be joining together researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, companies and other stakeholders to introduce PPA and invite individuals who are leaders in psychedelics for pain to join together in a collaborative network. The network will be a space where leaders can discuss the state of the field; uncover the needs and gaps; and work together to create an expansive, inclusive, and accessible future for the use of psychedelics in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

We envision these topics coming to the forefront of psychedelic research and advocacy, and pain receiving the differentiation it requires as we deepen the discussion and practice of using various psychedelic medicines for different conditions. Above all, PPA is working towards safe, responsible, research-backed, and equitable access for all those who need psychedelic medicines to reduce their pain and improve the quality of their lives.