This is a Meetup for researchers interested in the social studies of psychedelics. The goals of this meeting are twofold:
To share existing research and discuss collaborations around the sociocultural, politico-legal, and humanistic aspects of psychedelic science.

To establish whether there is an appetite to create an intellectual hub for the social studies of psychedelic science. Such a hub could support, for example:

Unsilo-ing research through collaborations across various methodologies, epistemologies, and ontologies, and with existing and nascent social movements; Unearthing assumptions and values through investigations of underlying beliefs and unexamined practices shaping psychedelic science and therapeutics; Interrogating power dynamics through analyses of the social structures that influence psychedelic research, policy, and use; Societal transformation through research that contributes to the just, generative, and imaginative use of psychedelics; and/or; Reflexive public engagement through ongoing dialogue between psychedelic researchers and the communities with a stake in our work.