Psychedelics are mind-bending, controversial, illegal, verboten, and for many doctors, nurses, EMTs, firefighters, and police officers, they’re also unexpected and life-saving tools to break free from the mental and emotional anguish of PTSD, depression, burnout, moral distress, and the crushing toll of daily work. In this open-mic style storytelling hour, you’ll hear personal stories from several first responders whose lives have been transformed by psychedelic medicine, and who are working on the frontlines to create community, offer healing, champion change, advance legislation, conduct game-changing research, and end the drug war. Come listen, share your own story, and connect with others. This community event is open to all – first responders, advocates, health care & law enforcement professionals, and those who are simply curious about the potential of psychedelics to catalyze change and healing in one of the communities that needs it most.