An Asian brunch for Asians (East, West, South, Central, bicultural, diaspora) and loved ones.

What better way to wrap the conference than community and shumai? After getting your fill of panels and parties, join your Asian family for a late, easy brunch at Zoe Ma Ma, a local restaurant celebrated for noodles, bao, and dumplings, named for Anna Zoe (the Taiwanese chef and mother of the owner). The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and is an easy walk (less than a mile) from the conference.

Zoe Ma Ma Union Station, 1625 Wynkoop St. Denver, Colorado 80202

Pay for your own meal. Menu to whet your appetite here:

We’ll start showing up around 11am and folks can come and go as they please.

Organized by
Asian Psychedelic Collective and Simran Sethi (Signal: +1 415 350 7968)