This event is designed to nourish your body, mind and spirit, offering an opportunity to deepen connection with oneself and others in the psychedelic community. Bring your open heart, curious mind as we decompress from the conference and dive deep into the essence of community and self-expression.

We’ll start the day with a delicious, nutritious brunch intentionally prepared by our incredible chef. This is a chance to connect with fellow attendees, share gratitude and set intentions.

Integration Workshop:
After brunch, we’ll transition into an integration activity, to share and support each other taking the impact and information of the MAPS experience into your everyday life for your creation and service.

Inspiration Workshop:
Following Integration, we step into inspiration and collaboration to bring our visions to life. This session is designed to ignite your creativity, open your heart, and inspire you to bring your unique gifts to the world alongside other thought leaders.

Live Music Concert:
Experience the soothing sounds of heart opening music and medicine music, filling the atmosphere with healing vibrations, uplifting energy and creating a space of tranquility and connection. We will sit together in a circle and co-create a space of community and love.

Schedule / Flow
• 11 am: Doors Open & Brunch
• 12 pm: Integration Workshop
• 12:45 pm: Inspiration Workshop
• 1:15 pm: Live Music Concert

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