This Free(dom) space will be held all day everyday for BIPOC to drop-in and decompress, take space, restore, breathe and just be. Folx can expect a continuous open talking circle, calming sensory activities, cozy corners, restoration stations, hot tea, and aromatherapy available from 10am-6pm, Wednesday – Friday.

Pop-up professional healing services like massage, somatic work, and reiki may also appear in this dynamic space! Costs for professional services are at the discretion of the provider.

The BIPOC Chill & Liberation Zone was envisioned by The Medicine Objective, Inc. and the product of a collaborative effort with BIPOC Psychedelic, POC Psychedelic Collective, Asian Psychedelic Collective, The Psychedelic Sisterhood, R&B Counseling, PsychedeLiA Integration, Access 2 Doorways, Oakland Hyphae, Black Therapists Rock and more!