The ultimate conference afterparty with Sarah Solstice performing an All-Dimensional stage performance.

These performance events are next level (all-level!) and hard to put into words. She’s a world class performer – Her biography includes national tours, ABC family television shows, and shared stages with OutKast, Britney Spears, Herschel Walker, and other beloveds.

We gather together with family and new hearts from the conference to our luxury space to drop in, deepen connections, and experience these heaven transmissions. We recognize each other and our inexplicable unity. Together we walk on in effective Light Production … all day, together.

It will be an unforgettable evening with fun distillations of devotion to our Ultimate TRUTH: •You•

‘The Absolute, Infinite State, Ever Prevails!”

– Nisargadatta

We are here in praise of You

We gather together because You are TRUE.


We will meet you WITHIN

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